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Learn More About The Common Pests Found In Utah

If you’re dealing with pests on your property and need help identifying them, then our pest library is for you! No matter which pests you need to identify, we’ve got you covered! In this pest guide, we aim to provide helpful information about common pest invaders found here in Utah and the many problems they are known to cause.


Ants are social insects that live in large colonies made up of reproductive females, reproductive males, and non-reproductive (or worker) females. These colonies can have millions of members. Read more Detail


Cockroaches are scavenger insects that resemble beetles. There are many species of cockroaches, but two of the most common in the North Carolina area are the German cockroach and the smoky brown cockroach. Read more Detail


Spiders are arachnids. They have eight legs, two body segments, and a head with mouthparts that can pierce the skin. They do not have antennae or wings like insects do; instead, they spin silk from their Read more Detail


Stinging insects are insects with stingers that they use to deliver a venom, either for defense or as a means to paralyze and subdue prey. There are many types of stinging insects Read more Detail


There are around 60 species of mosquitoes in North Carolina, each with unique biology, habits, and problems. Some of the most common and concerning varieties include: Read more Detail


Rodents are small mammals that have constantly growing incisors. Because of this, they must always chew and gnaw on various items to keep these teeth at a manageable length. Read more Detail

Fleas & ticks

In NC, we generally talk about two common flea species, the dog flea and cat flea. Ctenocephalides felis — cat flea (most dog and cat fleas in NC are C. felis) and Ctenocephalides canis — dog Read more Detail

bed bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects with flat, brown, oval-shaped bodies. They are small bugs, growing to only about 4 to 5 mm as adults. Nymphs are smaller and much lighter in color Read more Detail

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