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Common Ground Beetles

What are common ground beetles?

While there are over 2,000 species of ground beetles, you’re probably most familiar with the common ground beetle. This beetle is black, about 1/2 an inch long, and has reddish markings on its legs and antennae.

Are common ground beetles dangerous?

Common ground beetles can bite, but it’s rare to hear of one actually doing so. They are not known to spread disease and are considered nuisance pests when they get into your house.

Why do I have a common ground beetle problem?

Although they typically prefer to remain outdoors, common ground beetles will sometimes make their way inside while feeding at night. They can also cause problems when they infest gardens. Although they eat some destructive pests, they also eat beneficial ones, which could end up damaging your Utah garden in the long run.

Where will I find common ground beetles?

Common ground beetles are active at night and usually spend their days under leaf piles, wood piles, and rocks. They are not good climbers, so they’re typically found near the ground.


How do I get rid of common ground beetles?

If you find common ground beetles in your house, you can vacuum them up. However, to ensure that you remove the entire infestation as well as prevent a future one, it’s best to get professional pest control treatment from Pickett Pest Control. Contact Pickett today!

How can I prevent common ground beetles in the future?

Sealing any openings leading into your home will make it more difficult for common ground beetles to get inside. They are also drawn to light, so switching to outdoor lights that don’t attract bugs can help. Removing clutter and lawn debris in your yard is also recommended.