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When It Comes to Pest Control, We're Number One in PICKETT PEST,Vernal, UT

the primary cause of reduced property lifespans and possible destruction of property. They can also carry diseases and plagues once they come inside and live in the hidden areas of your property. When this happens, call a pest control expert in Pickett Pest, UT, to ensure they do not cause harm to your property.

Pickett Pest Control is the number-one pest control specialist in Pickett Pest, Vernal, UT, and its surrounding areas. You can always count on us to provide the highest quality of service possible. Call us today!

Areas We Serve

We have established a name for ourselves as the go-to pest control specialists in Pickett Pest, Vernal, UT. However, if you live in the following towns, we can certainly help with all your needs.

  • Vernal, UT,

  • Roosevelt, UT,

  • Duchesne, UT,

  • Uintah County, UT,

  • Dagget County, UT,

  • Duchesne County, UT

Signs That You Need a Pest Control Companies Help

Not sure if you need pest control services to help you? Here are some signs that can clue you in on what to do:


  • If you notice an increase in the number of pests in and around your home, such as ants, cockroaches, or rodents, it’s a clear sign that you need a pest control company’s help.
  • Unusual and persistent odors, especially those resembling musty or foul scents, can indicate a hidden pest infestation, prompting the need for professional intervention.
  • Finding droppings, feces, or nests in various areas of your home is a strong indicator that pests have made themselves at home and that it’s time to call a pest control expert.
  • Damage to your property, such as gnawed wiring, chewed furniture, or holes in walls and floors, may suggest a severe pest issue requiring professional pest control services.
  • Experiencing unexplained allergies, skin irritations or respiratory problems that worsen while at home might indicate that pests like dust mites or cockroaches are affecting indoor air quality.
  • Hearing unusual sounds at night, such as scratching, scurrying, or squeaking, may indicate the presence of nocturnal pests like rats or mice that require immediate attention.

Eliminate Pests from Your Home Today

With the help of Pickett Pest Control, your home will always be in good hands. Call us at (435)-781-0111 or fill out this contact form to get an estimate.