Are you tired of seeing more spiders, ants, bees, and other bugs at certain times of the year? Regardless of the weather outside, bugs need a place to live and eat, and sometimes that’s inside your home. With a professional pest control service, you can be sure that annoying seasonal pests are not making a home where you live.

Pests, especially in the Utah climate, may never really go away during the colder winter months. If there was snow, the pests may simply have hidden away, waiting for the snow to melt. And then they reemerge looking for food. Their eggs may have also survived, potentially increasing the problem when they hatch. There is some shift to pest activity throughout the year, but this doesn’t mean you can avoid any potential problem.

In the colder months, we’ll focus on the structure of your home to ensure that critters or pests are not setting up a home in your walls, floors, or cupboards. This is also a great time to plan for pest treatment, preventing pests from continuing to use your warm house as their home.

At Pickett Pest Control, we offer a Quarterly Protection Plan specifically designed to control pest populations for each season, preventing them from re-establishing nesting and foraging patterns in and near your home. With a professional service, you can look forward to year-round coverage and protection from potentially harmful pests and rodents.

It’s time to take back your home from the pests you see most. You no longer have to worry about setting up mouse traps, or purchasing can after can of bee or ant spray. We’ll find the source of the problem and create a plan to safely eliminate the pests.

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection. Pickett Pest Control serves the following areas in Utah:

We can also help you with termites and wood damaging pests, bed bugs, and rodents.