Termites are some of the sneakiest pests that we may have to deal with as homeowners. They can be extremely difficult to notice very early on after their arrival, and a lot of times it can be too late by the time we do notice them. Most homeowners don’t realize they have a termite problem until they have already done damage to the structure of the house. It goes without saying that termites are a serious issue that must be tackled as early into the infestation as possible in order to save you from more costly damages. If you are in northeast Utah and find yourself in need of termite extermination, or any form of pest control for that matter, give Pickett Pest Control a call.


What Are Termites?

Termites are tiny insects that feed on wood, which makes homes an ideal feeding frenzy for entire colonies that can consist of a few thousand or up to millions of termites. They usually look similar to ants but with a white or gray color featuring a more cylindrical body shape.

The two major species of termites that call Utah home are: Subterranean termites, which live in the dirt; and Drywood termites, which live in wood. They are an important part of our ecosystem as they break down dead wood, but when they make their way to the wood of our homes is when they can become a major nuisance. From walls to furniture, termites can effectively destroy anything and everything made of wood by eating it from the inside out. If left unattended to, termites can and will make your home fall apart.

Signs Of Termite Infestation

Because of the pervasive and low profile nature of termites, it’s imperative for you as a homeowner to recognize these early onset signs of infestation and call a pest control company quickly before these pests become capable of causing serious structural damage.

Seeing Termites

This one is the most obvious, but it is surprisingly an instance that goes neglected all too often by homeowners. As previously noted, these tiny pests can resemble ants to the naked eye, which leads to people not addressing the problem as seriously as it may require. If you’ve found what looks to possibly be termites in or near your home, your best plan of action is to immediately consult a professional for a free walk-through. They can help you discern the other infestation signs in this list.

Wet Wood

While this can also be due to other conditions in the home, wet wood can be a prelude to termite infestation. Termites require moisture in order to digest the tough cellulose in wood. To be on the safe side, investigate the wet spots and water-damaged wood in your home for any sign of these pests.

Mud Tubes

Also referred to as mud tunnels or mud leads, these are a trail left by subterranean termites early on in their migration and infestation process. If you see these mud trails along your wood, it’s time to make the call for pest control.

Listen To The Walls

For how small they are, termites can be surprisingly loud. If you’ve been hearing what you assumed to be rodents,  press your ear up against the wall. You can hear a distinct chewing noise in many cases if termites are present.

Visible Wood Damage

This is the last noticeable trace of termites that occurs after they have already begun their destructive process. Drywood termites leave small holes visible in wood surfaces you can see, and if you knock on wood, you can check for wood that has been hollowed-out as well.

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