What distinguishes Pickett Pest Control from other pest control firms that service Naples?

Acting fast is the best way to ensure the proper elimination of pests from your home so, in order to provide Naples with the best pest control service, we will respond to inspection requests quickly and can even be there for emergency situations. We understand this is how you build relationships and it’s by being there in times of need that build a great business.

We base our pest control services off of a professional evaluation of your home’s pest problems. From this evaluation, we will create a plan that will remove the pests not just today, but indefinitely. Our programs can also include regular maintenance of your property that is specific to your situation.

The Naples Pest Control Mission

From living in Utah, we understand the specific needs to your community and know what to expect. With special training and hands-on experience, we have created an environmentally conscious fix that offers Naples superior pest control service. As well as training and experience, we have the right equipment that will effectively remove and protect your home from rodents, insects, and other pests.

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Because so many pests and their damage are not easily visible, and because we have found that so many of our customers want to know how to keep pests away, we offer them cost-effective preventive pest control inspections as a regular part of their home and commercial inspections. By keeping our eye out, we can spot things before they escalated quickly.

We have a vested interest in providing a safe, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems. We live here too and we see our customers as if we in their shoes! Our promise to you is that we will never provide a treatment based on popularity or price, especially if the “popular” treatment of the day will not solve your problem.

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Some of the programs available to Naples residents are our:

  • One-time carpenter ant elimination
  • Non-intrusive, pro-active annual insect perimeter protection program
  • Mouse/rodent elimination
  • Wildlife management
  • Commercial IPM sanitation and maintenance
  • Real estate inspections for FHA and VA-certified properties
  • Consultation services in which we can often determine the type of pest by just a thorough description.

Contact us today and start with a free inspection.