No one wants bed bugs in their home, that’s a given. But what do you do when you begin noticing small bite marks on your arms and legs? Bed bugs are small and really good at hiding throughout your home, so any pest control professional will tell you that you need expert service to ensure that the bugs and eggs are all entirely removed from the home. If you believe that bed bugs have infested your home, here are some quick facts to make sure you know what you should to protect your family and home.

Pest Control VernalWhat Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very small, red bugs with flat bodies. They are mostly known for feeding off of humans and while they are stereotypically found in dirty motels, can be found in even five-star hotels, schools, retail stores, and many other places. A space can be infested with bed bugs regardless of how clean or dirty it is. Houses are usually infested when someone brings bed bugs home with them after traveling or when they hitch a ride on a guest’s luggage. Because the bugs are so small, they are highly efficient at hiding in small places, including books, picture frames, and more commonly, in the folds of mattresses and bed sheets. They are more active at night and feed when you’re asleep, focusing on exposed areas of skin.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs rarely carry disease, but the bites are still obnoxious. The marks may not actually appear on your skin for up to 14 days after they bite so it can be tricky to nail down exactly when the infestation started. The bites are painless and you probably won’t realize when it happens; however, the bites cause a reaction that makes the area itch. They look like small, red bumps that are usually on your arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Besides the itchy bite marks, there are other ways to determine if your home is infested. The more you know about bed bug detection the better, as there may already be more than one generation living in your home by the time you notice the biting. To identify a bed bug infestation, look for blood or fecal stains on your bed sheets, mattress, and boxspring. Keep in mind that these stains will be small, so look closely. There may also be shed skin shells, baby bed bugs, or eggs.

What Now?

If you have seen the telltale signs of a bed bug infestation, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. If you live in the Vernal, Utah area, Pickett Pest Control is here to help. We offer environmentally-friendly pest extermination services that also make sure that 100 percent of the bugs are removed from your home.

When dealing with bed bugs, we know that you want them removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. To make sure this happens, call the professionals at Pickett Pest Control. We have the knowledge and experience to finish the job.

At the first sign of an infestation, give us a call for a free estimate.

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