Unless you live in a plastic bubble, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience some type of pest problem during your lifetime as a homeowner — likely more than once.

In most cases when a pest infestation does unexpectedly occur, the first reaction most homeowners have, besides being horrified, is that they’ll be capable of taking care of the pest problem on their own. Keep reading to learn when your pest problem is something you can manage and when it’s best left up to the professionals like our team of experts at Pickett Pest Control serving Utah.


Professional Pest Control or DIY?

While it’s certainly possible for a homeowner to eradicate a pest infestation using their own will power, there are some unavoidable truths that can prevent an individual from single handedly finding a permanent solution to their pest problem. The first is that they simply don’t have the knowledge and experience with pests to be able to eradicate them at the source, preventing these critters from continuing to invade their home in the future. Professional pest control companies have the training and experience to recognize the characteristics of many different types of infestations — from spiders and roaches to ants, wasps, termites, bed bugs, and more — and apply the most effective remedy.


The other factor is that most homeowners do not have access to the specialized pest control equipment and resources that most pest control companies do. While there are some fine retail products available in stores today, they often don’t work for providing long-term solutions to pests for a variety of reasons. They can also be dangerous to the health of family and pets when used throughout the home. The following are some facts to consider about store-bought pest control products and why in many cases, it might be best to call the professionals for remedying your pest infestation. For more information on when it’s wise to hire a pest control company, read our previous blog post!


3 Facts About Store Bought Pest Control Products


Pest Control Products Can Be Ineffective

Even though a store-bought product may be from a well-known brand, the majority of available retail pest control products rarely provide a comprehensive solution. The label might say that it is capable of eradicating a variety of pests, but what’s effective in the removal of one type of spider, for instance, may not work for another. Also, some types of insects have to be attacked at certain points in their life cycle — something that a pest control company will know. Using a pest control product at the wrong time can simply waste your time and your money in many cases. There’s also the fact that many pests have to be treated at the source, which oftentimes if inside the structural components of the home where they have made themselves at home, like walls and floors. Doing this usually requires the special equipment and knowledge of a pest control company.

Pest Control Products Can Be Toxic

Although all pest control products are stringently tested and required to provide clear warning labels, they can still be toxic, causing serious respiratory inflammation and skin irritation in humans and pets if not applied correctly. Even when they are used correctly, those that are prone to illness, such as children and the elderly can still be at risk. We hear too often of people misreading or disregarding warning labels prior to using these potentially dangerous pest control products, leading to many undesired outcomes in homes.


Pest Control Products Can Damage Your Home

Many of the chemicals used in pest control products can lead to permanent staining and discoloration on fabrics, furniture, and walls. Pest control professionals will know when and where to safely apply treatments to avoid damage items inside your home.


When it comes to a pest infestation in your home, why not solve the problem completely and permanently the first time? Pickett Pest Control has been serving the residents of Duchesne, Naples, Neola, Roosevelt, and St. George, Utah for years. Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your home.


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